9 giugno 2015

Expo 2015: Variations in Essence

Have you already been to Expo 2015? Me not yet, but for perfume and food junkies this could be a good occasion. On Friday June 12th at 3.00pm at the Expo Milano Slow Food Theater you'll have the chance to attend to Variazioni in Essenza. The event will open with an interesting workshop about variations – in food, custom and design – turning them in a special lens through which the everchanging nature of things can be seen.

Gabriella Chieffo will guide the pubblic through different moments of the event, introducing also a preview of her new fragrance that goes on exploring the traditional dishes inspiration and the research of the variations theme. Also Giuseppe Orefice, President of Slow Food Campania and Basilicata, the artist Onelia Greco and Simone Falcini, didactic director of the Italian Chef Academy will be part of the event.

Two moments of showcooking will allow the pubblic to sense the variations theme presented in the dishes cooked by the star chef Simone Falcini and by the pastry chef Sal De Riso. During the event you'll be able to see also installations by the artist Himitsuhana exploring food and art history, from Caravaggio to Piero Manzoni highlighting the love history among the act of creating and tasting.

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