11 giugno 2016

OSA - Outsider Scents Award

Smell Festival dell’Olfatto and La Gardenia nell’Occhiello

OSA – Outsider Scents Award


OSA – Outsider Scents Award is an award dedicated to the best unpublished artisanal fragrances. This award aims to promote perfume as an experimental language focusing on artisanal productions and giving space to everybody who composes perfume as an "outsider", promoting so a wider olfactory knowledge and innovation as the base for future creative excellences.
The acronym for Outsider Scents Award is “OSA”, DARE in Italian: an invitation to overcome the classical schemes of the perfume industry, making space for the "outsiders" bringing new skills and ideas. This is a stimulus to dare creating olfactory compositions despite the limitation related to the medium, and limited access to knowledge, raw materials and tools. This is an invitation to "dare" to create a cross-fertilization context where wannabe perfumers and professionals can exchange ideas face to face.
OSA – Outsider Scents Award proposes a theme for the submissions. The proposals received will be judged blind by a totally independend jury including professionals and experts which names will be disclosed during the Awards Ceremony.
The Awards Ceremony will be held on August 7, 2016 during the first summer edition of Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto at Castello Dentice di Frasso in Carovigno (BR), Italy.

Who can participate?

Aspiring perfume creators, artisan perfumers and everybody feeling inspired by the proposed theme can submit his original olfactory interpretation provided he doesn't submit it in the name of a commercial brand.

Perfume requirements

In order to be accepted in the contest, a perfume must be an original creation. It must be unpublished, therefore not present on the shelves as a product (at least till the end of the contest). Requirements Infringement  will imply the immediate exclusion from the contest. Moreover submitted perfumes must be connected with the proposed theme. The composition can be done following the desired technique and using both synthetic and natural aromatic raw materials.
Since fragrances aren't targeted for the marked but must be intended as a pure creative non-commercial expression, compliance to any cosmetic regulation is not required.

The proposed theme

As a tribute to the first summer edition of Smell Festival in Comune di Carovigno and the Natural National Park of Torre Guaceto, the theme of the Outsider Scents Award pays homage to the Mediterranean olfactory landscape with specific reference particolare to the coastal maquis.
Perfumery has always tried to distil this natural magic into a liquid emotion called “chypre”. Mythical accord which origins fall into the legend and still nowadays goes on and on through new expressions, never losing its magic though.
Within the “chypre” theme, the presence of atmospheres and notes related to the storical and natural context of Torre Guaceto will be particularly appreciated.
The Natural National Park of Torre Guaceto is located on the Adriatic coast of High Salento, few Kilometers out of Carovigno. Behind the coastal dunes, several species of plants and evergreen trees compose the Mediterranean macchia: aromatic bushes shine in magic colours and smells bearing memories are lost in the mists of time.
This is the theme chosen by Smell Festival dell’Olfatto and La Gardenia nell'Occhiello for the first award dedicated to the perfumery “outsider” scenario.

The selection process

Outsider Scents Award relies on a jury of professionals reflecting the many aspects and interests of perfumery and the creative experience. The jury is nominated by Smell Festival and La Gardenia nell’Ochiello, and operates in total Independence and respect to the rules and parameters here stated.
The judgement parameters are stated and notified to participants here below. In order to grant impartiality and fairness of judgement the name of participants will be revealed only during the Awards Ceremony. The name of finalists and the winner will be announced to the pubblic in the maximum transparency.

Evaluation and Awards

The selection and analisys of the compositions will be held on August 5-7, 2016 at Castello Dentice di Frasso in Carovigno (BR), Italy.
The proclamation of the winner will take place during a pubblic cerimony on Sunday 7 August 2016 in Carovigno. Details of the event will be disclosed later on www.smellfestival.it.
The name and details of the winning composition will be published in a dedicated section on www.smellfestival.it and on La Gardenia nell’Occhiello.

How to compete

To compete you need to send your olfactory creationa (max 1 for each participant) in a sealed anonymous envelope. Be sure to write on it: OSA – OUTSIDER SCENTS AWARD.
The envelope must contain:
  • the particilation module (> Module A attached), compiled, signed and put inside an anonymous sealed envelope.
  • N. 2 15 ml vials with your composition in alcohol solution (chose your preferred diluition). Samples won't be returned and will be stored in the organization archive. Intellectual property will be preserved in case of different usage of the samples for which the author consent will be asked.
  • A presentation of the composition (> Module B attached).
To each submission a code will be assigned, granting so that all the selection process will be totally anonymous.
Submissions must be sent by registered letterto the organization within July 23 2016 at the following address:


Judgement Parameters

Relationship with the proposed olfactory theme: max 10 scores
Balance of the composition: max 8 scores
Accurate selention of the raw materials: max 8 scores
Original spirit of the composition: max 8 scores
Overall performance: max 8 scores
Original concept: max 8 scores
For a total of 50 scores maximum.


“Outisder Scents Award” call
MODULE A – participation module
MODULE B – presentation of the composition



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