25 gennaio 2017

OSA - Outsider Scents Award 2017

Smell Festival dell'Olfatto and La Gardenia nell'Occhiello

Open Call 2017


OSA – Outsider Scents Award is a competition that rewards the best unreleased handcrafted fragrances. The award intends to encourage the experimental use of the language of perfume, acknowledging the role of handcrafting, self-production, and the work of those who feel they are outsiders to the composition of perfume, in stimulating an ever more popular olfactory expertise, innovation, and future creative excellence.
The acronym for the Outsider Scents Award is “OSA”, which means dare in Italian. It is a call to overcome industry fences in the production of perfume, making room for the outsiders, often with skills that are synergic with the values and ideas in the market. It is a stimulus to dare to create perfume compositions regardless of the intrinsic limits related to the use of perfume as an expressive language, acknowledging the known problem of access to training and the tools of the craft. It is an invitation to dare to create a fertile context for comparison and exchange as much for aspiring perfumers as for operators.
OSA – Outsider Scents Award offers a topic that must inspire the submissions. Proposals sent in will be judged independently by jury from outside of the promoter’s organization, made up of industry experts whose names will be announced at the time of the assignment of the award. 
The Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday May 28th, during the 8th edition of Smell – Festival dell'Olfatto.

Who can participate?
Aspiring fragrance artists, self-production enthusiasts, perfume artists and anyone else who feels inspired by the proposed theme to compose an olfactory interpretation, provided they don't submit it in the name of a commercial brand.

Perfume Requirements
In order to be accepted in the contest, a perfume (eau de parfum) must be an original creation. It must be unpublished, therefore not present on the shelves as a product (at least till the end of the contest). Requirements Infringement  will imply the immediate exclusion from the contest. Moreover submitted perfumes must also be pertinent to the proposed theme and must be presented in alcoholic dilution with an “eau de parfum” concentration.

The proposed theme
Participants in the Outsider Scents Award 2017 are invited to submit their creative interpretation, through the language of perfume, on the topic of the 8th Edition of Smell - Festival dell’Olfatto, which is “Roots”.
Creations that are capable of conceptualizing the topic with a clear bond between the olfactory composition and the author’s thought process will be appreciated the most.

The selection process
Outsider Scents Award is based on a jury of professionals that reflect the multiple aspects and interests of perfume and the creative experience. The jury is nominated by Smell Festival and consists of figures that are not part of the organization. In order to guarantee the complete impartiality and honesty of the jury, the names of the participants will be kept secret until the time of the award.
The judging parameters are announced and made known to the participants in this competition.
The names of the finalists and the winner will be announced publicly with complete respect for transparency.

Award Ceremony
The winner will be announced with a public ceremony on Sunday, May 28, 2017 at the Event Hall of the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica di Bologna. The timing and details for the event will be provided on the website: www.smellfestival.it.
The results of the competition will be published in the section of the website  www.smellfestival.it dedicated to the Outsider Scents Award as well as in the blog La Gardenia nell'Occhiello.

How to participate
To participate you need to send your olfactory composition (max 1 per participant) in a sealed envelope.
Note: parcels must not exceed 145 W x 145 H x 400 L mm.
The envelope must contain:
  • the participation form (> Form A attached to the announcement), filled-in, signed, and inserted in turn in a sealed anonymous envelope.
  • one 30 ml vial of your composition in alcoholic solution (you can also send 3x10ml vials). The fragrance must have the concentration of an “Eau de Parfum” (not eau de cologne, eau de toilette, extrait de parfum or other format). 
  • the bottle must be a simple screw top vial. No decoration or customization is allowed and in any case will not be taken into consideration by the jury. Do not put labels on the vials.
  • the samples submitted will not be returned and will remain the property of the promoting organization for documentation purposes. The use of samples for other reasons will be occur only with full respect for intellectual property and only following written permission from the author.
  • the composition presentation form (> Form B attached to the announcement).
The proposal must be sent by registered letter with return receipt and must reach the organization by and not after Monday April 10, 2017 at the address:

casella postale 25
via del Pontiere 3
37122 Verona VR - Italia


OSA! Award
c/o Saskia Wilson-Brown
4866 Lincoln Ave
Los Angeles CA 90042

Each proposal will be assigned a code corresponding to the presentation form so that the entire process and judging can be performed fully anonymously.
The samples submitted will not be returned and will remain the property of the promoting organization for documentation purposes. The use of samples for other reasons will be occur only with full respect for intellectual property and only following written permission from the author.

Judgement Parameters
Relevance to the olfactory topic proposed: Up to 10 points
Balance of the composition: Up to 8 points
Care in selection of the raw materials determined from the olfactory analysis: Up to 8 points
Originality of the composition: Up to 8 points
Skill of expressive means: Up to 8 points
Originality of concept: Up to 8 points
For a total 50 points maximum.

FORM B – Composition Form


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