27 febbraio 2017

Contemporary Cluster #02 feat. Mustafa Sabbagh

Onore al Nero - Mustafa Sabbagh
When the artist is harmless, then he's also useless. That's a reflection I believe can be applied to all arts, perfumery included. A few years ago I had the pleasure to talk to Mustafa Sabbagh about the power images and smells have to break through our skin, to infect (or heal) our senses and our mind.
Following the success of his first anthological exhibition at MAXXI and of the tribute-play "Invasioni" the renowned performative company Néon Teatro dedicated to him, till April 15 at the exhibition multimedia concept of Contemporary Cluster in Rome Mustafà Sabbagh's artistic aesthetics will be renterpreted with a multisensorial narration thanks also to an innovative olfactory project involving the artist with the designer Francesca Gotti and the perfumer Luca Maffei.

"Art is disease. An infecting virus, an injected scent, a short circuit generated by an electric chair, triggered by an erotic charge. Eros + Thanatos. Magnificat of a temporary paralysis: a cervical neck brace turns into a chrysalis. Vivifying electroshock of a symphony investigating a pain, composed by the Total Artist and remixed in an electro-dub groove. Dense, ancestral, like a wave-motion; because Art, the real one, means darkness.
The artist combines the Demiurge’s visionary delirium to the Surgeon’s clinical rigour, within the perfect iconographic economy of a surprisingly, masterfully minimal post-Baroque. The only possible sense is the non-sense of obsession: morbidity of detail turns into mastery of each and every single creation’s phase, starting from the refined scenic backbone in whose composition Sabbagh is Maestro, to the ability to dive and make his own, through the artistic gesture that connotes him, unexplored or unspoken territories – like scent, jewel, furniture and sound design, in direct collaboration with excellences of each of the sectors concerned

The feticism running everywhere through the Contemporary Cluster becomes the matter for a deep Exchange among perfumer Luca Maffei and the artist: “I started from some artworks selected by Mustafa Sabbagh self as representatives of his view. I concentrated on his decadent point of view through the use of dark woods and ambers". The essence distils the favourite chromatism of the artist, gaining so an autonomous expression in this context with different creative voices.

Contemporary Cluster #02 feat. Mustafa Sabbagh
January 28 – April 15 2017
c/o Cohouse Pigneto
Via Casilina Vecchia 96/c - Roma

Contemporary Cluster: Giacomo Guidi 
Package design: Francesca Gotti
Packaging: Tommaso Cecchi De’ Rossi
Packaging: Giacomo Bonaiti per Glebanite
Scent design: Luca Maffei di Atelier Fragranze Milano
Jewel design: Paolo Mangano
Furniture design: Retropose
Sound design: Claudio Coccoluto

Exhibition pictures credits: Francesca Gotti

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