19 dicembre 2013

Candles: my Xmas wishlist

After writing about how to chose a fine candle, speaking about last-minute gifts I thought to make a trip around looking for some candles. Here are the ones that excited me, luminous presents to light and scent the Christmas holidays. Of course there are traditional smells, spices and candied fruits from the festive dishes, but surprisingly also references to Christmas tree and Christmas crib, with a little bit of titbits in the end.

Le Labo Laurier 62: from the kitchen to the laboratory it's just one step and a bunch of aromatic herbs becomes a candle ruled by green, almost floral facets of laurel and eucaliptus, revealing later a rich mix of balsams, spices over a warm bed of clove, sandalwood and abler. Essencial packaging for a techno-chic Christmas.

Parfums de Nicolaï Écorces de Séville: it doesn't matter whether you prefer Panettone or cassata, anyway candied orange peels always make atmosphere. Patricia de Nicolaï signs her best wishes with the scent of yummy orange peel and a dust of cinnamon. Good price-quality ratio for a simply poetic home fragrances line.

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Joyeux Noël: the right perfumetrack for decorating all together the Christmas tree with red glass balls and some fake snowflake. The soundtrack is "Baby it's cold outside". Christmas is green'n red at Malle. Special guest Dominique Ropion that brings his wishes scented with pine, amber, cinnamon, and small cotton candy touches.

Astier de Villatte Opéra: the golden stucco works of Palais Garnier mingle with the gold brought by Caspar with the sumptuous honeyed halo of this candle created by Françoise Caron. A precious touch is given by waxed woods and radiant sandalwood and benzoin. The packaging is all about painstaking details: handmade glass with bubble-glass. So chic!

Mad et Len Encense de Somalie: a little bit candle and a little bit jewel box like the one Melchior brought carrying the intense and ancestral aroma of incense. Perfect to make the eve wait even more mystical, from the pagan rite of the Christmas eve dinner to the silent Holy Night.

Rive Sud Interior Via della Basilica: Balthazar this year comes with a modern glass bringing the candle created by the designer Christine Bodino and Delphine Thierry (M. Bekkali Tendre est la nuit). Unusual main theme is a pepper loaded mhyrr that renders a liqueur-like base with the pines and cypresses of a winter landscape.

Jovoy Marron: Jovoy best wishes smell of pulpy roasted chestnuts to be eaten all by the fireplace, telling stories and drinking red wine. The packaging is a very elegant red hatbox including the candle and a glass bell to preserve it. Yummy yet classy!

Arty Fragrances Alcove Royale: Have you beed a good child? Santa Claus is coming to town with sweet cuddles and a bit of naughtiness for who will receive this massage candle smelling of chocolate, triple vanilla and the savoury touch of ambergris. A love potion Elisabeth de Feydeau created taking inspiration from Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour.

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