13 agosto 2014

Fragranze 12: see you within a month!

This year it seemed like we could forget about summer and instead, put aside ambers together with the rainiest July of the last thirty years, finally also in Milan temperature reached over 86F, just in time for my vacations. Before leaving for Puglia though, let me remind you there's only a month left before Pitti Fragranze. This year the usual date in Florence to discover what's new to spray on is scheduled on September 12-14 settembre at Stazione Leopolda.

Various news are going to land to Florence during this twelfth edition starting with the US brand D.S. & Durga and its concoctions as rough and charming as Kerouac novels. I hope we'll be able to smell also the renditions of my beloved Jean Patou Que sais-je,  L'Heure Attendue and Colony together with many other news. Beyond the events organized by distributors, Fragranze also confirms its calling for olfactory culture with the delightful lecture on friday 12 with Micaela Giamberti of Mane about The heart of fragrances, a full immersion into the richness and creativity of fragrances, thanks to unique raw materials and special extracting processes like the Jungle Essence™. Moreover Fragranze will unveil Verba Olent, an installation-event signed by the lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni focused on the olfactory common thread running through all the western literature from the Bible to the XX century. For a detailed program and news, please check out the Pitti Fragranze website.
I'll be there too with my Scent Diary to report about the most exciting things. I hope we can meet through the booths for some chitchat and maybe have the chance to sniff beautiful creations together! See you soon!

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