27 aprile 2015

Synesthesia Project: art inspirations

Gabriel Garcia
Do you like art and perfumes? Do you love to travel? Then you better take notes: Synesthesia Project, Contemporary Art Gallery, Lisbon, April 30th to May 30th 2015.
I love synesthesia because it's so powerful, it physically throw you into emotions succeeding to correlate its most visceral aspects to the most sublime ones. That's why it is my pleasure to draw your attention to this event joining painting and perfumery, even if it's far away from Italy.
Synesthesia Project is an exhibition curated by Miguel Matos, critic, fragrance expert and Fragrantica contributor who worked in dialog with the portuguese artist Gabriel Garcia letting him be inspired by the liquid emotion of various fragrances that have been impressed through colours on canvas.
Molinard Habanita
"The principle which rules this exhibition has to do with the daily collaboration between curator and artist, based on the exchange of ideas and sensorial stimuli made from the previous selection of 12 perfumes. The choice of these scents was guided by the evocative capabilities of each olfactive composition, due to the singularity or even by the iconoclast character we can feel in olfactory cultural creations. Vision and smell are summoned simultaneously, as a result of free association of ideas and the use of surrealist methodologies, very dear to Gabriel Garcia as part os his artistic origins. To see and smell art, reaching for memory and sensations of unconsciousness, in a game that enters the limits of irrational and animal. Everything mixes, nothing is objective. Everything has to do with personal memory, with primitive emotions, with instinct" discloses Miguel.
To tease you, let me leave you with the fragrances proposed by Miguel:
  • Aqua Motu, 1993 – Comptoir Sud Pacifique.
  • Enchanted Forest, 2012 – Bertrand Duchaufour for The Vagabond Prince
  • Habanita eau de parfum, 2012 – Molinard
  • Heliotrope Blanc, 1850 – L.T. Piver
  • Abril, 2015 – Miguel Matos for Alter Ego Artisanal Fragrance
  • Nevermore, 2014 – Anne-Sophie Behaghel for Frapin
  • Secretions Magnifiques, 2006 – Antoine Lie for Etat Libre d'Orange
  • Tourmaline Noire, 2007 – Olivier Durbano
  • Bandit, 1944 – Germaine Cellier for Robert Piguet
  • Afternoon of a Faun, 2012 – Ralf Schwieger for Etat Libre d'Orange
  • Coeur de Ténèbres, 2015 – Miguel Matos for Alter Ego Artisanal Fragrance
  • Tweed, 2014 – Jean Jacques for Uér Mi
You can find more information about Synesthesia Project on the Contemporary Art Gallery Miguel Justino website.

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