25 ottobre 2012

Jul et Mad: a love and perfume story

Who are Jul et Mad? Julien Blanchard, or simply Jul is a young french biologist passionate about communications and new technologies. Madalina Stoïca or simply Mad is a charming romanian woman who studied cosmetics and fragrance marketing in New York. Jul and Mad met a day at a parisian terrace. Could we miss the happy end? Aside sharing the same home, the couple share the passion for fragrances and so they decided to bottle the essence of their story with the collection Histoire d'Amour composed of three extrait de parfum created together with Dorothée Piot (Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire, Amouage Memoire Woman).

On skin Stiletto on Lex, Terrasse à St-Germain and Amour de Palazzo reveal all the qualities desirable in a fragrance: structure, almost tactile texture, lasting power and sillage. In an excess of fussiness one could ascribe them only the venial sin that such a well balanced touch could have dared fearlessly a bit more chiaroscuro. Forgivable sin when the result shines in its relaxed elegance showing also some temper. Here we go with the reviews.

< Stiletto on Lex >   < Terrasse à St-Germain >   < Amour de Palazzo >

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