26 ottobre 2012

Jul et Mad: Terrasse à St-Germain

Le grand boulevard - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Terrasse à St-Germain
Geraniums, roses, a glass of Syrah, le first stars at dusk and the humid breeze in September on a parisian terrace. It's not the clone of a cliché but an intimate and aromatic interpretation of the rose-patchouly accord that won me at first sniff and became eventually my favourite in the trilogy since it pictured in my mind this image.
The rarefied and slightly hesperidic opening counters a fruity tangerine with the greeness of rhubarb. It's not the tart sharpness of the Duchaufour-style rhubarb in Aedes de Venustas though, it's rather a backtaste of rhubarb jam with tangerine peel. The fruity sensation is amplified in the heart by damask rose that's curiously described as a blue rose. The colour is rendered from one hand with its petals shading into the more feminine, juicy and dry blueberry aspect. On the other hand it turns to the more masculine green geranium covered in a floral dewy veil with a fresia nuance. Gauzy musks, humid earth patchouly covered in leaves and the languorous hint of sandalwood place the base of the fragrance in an autumnal light, echoing the velvety woods aspect in Chambre Noire, just slightly drier and bohemian, perfect for fall wear.

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