17 settembre 2013

Fragranze 11: Scent Diary #1

While launching Mito extait de parfum, Vero Kern takes to Florence her new Onda, Rubj, Kiki and Mito Voile d'Extrait. Same formula of the extrait but more airy, in a concentration halfway with the fruitier eau de parfum. I particularly liked this embodiment of Kiki which renders at its best the almost edible, enveloping base yet makes lavender fly in a uberchic trail.

Fate that creates crucial encounters in life fortunately led Christopher Chong and Dorothée Piot of Robertet meet each other to create Fate Woman, a quite unusual oriental chypre featuring the classic Amouage silver frankincense signature. Smelling it on several friends I got a beautiful sillage with the vegetal touch of chili pepper teasing and letting you to the elegant powdery base.

Mark Buxton
Buxton's fetish raw material, vetiver becomes solid ground under your feet, the only invisible reference when everything seems to crumble, the last hope. I liked the energy of Emotional Rescue translating vetiver into a crisp accord, boosted by a vitaminic injection of gooseberry so tart that you can feel it crunch under my teeth. For biting life when she seems to bite you.

Olfactive Studio
The line created by Céline Verleure and inspired by artistic photography gets back to light, the key element in pictures. The first three fragrances Lumière Blanche, Autoportrait and Chambre Noire so become candles guested in a neat packaging with the same color theme. Chambre Noire, the naughtiest instantly made me think of a glass of Elba red wine and music in background, a warm rug and cuddles on the couch. If it behaves as I guess once lighted, I think it'll take me good company during the winter evenings.

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