28 dicembre 2011

Astier de Villatte Candles: light and poetry

Some time ago I told you about this artisanal french pottery brand, Astier de Villatte, which I heard about thanks to my friend Antonio from Boudoir36 that likes to tease me from time to time with unusual new stuff. Aside telling you about their Cologne 1871 - Commune de Paris, I hinted you about how this house decided to enrich its refined pottery and decorations offer adding some scented candles. Finally this year I satisfied my curiosity to try them and for Christmas I surrended to the temptation, but I've been nice: what's better than sharing the beauty? So I decided to buy one as a gift for my beloved ones so to enjoy it in their company.

Françoise Caron
While creating their candles line, Astier de Villatte took advantage of their friendship with Françoise Caron (Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte, Choc de Cardin, Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile, etc...) as their creative director coordinating the Tagasako equipe. She got inspired by different places which charme has been translated into extremely elegant olfactive accords. So we can find for example Naples with its orange flower and southern italian pastry notes, almost like a just baked pastiera, or Opéra with its honeyed woods and beeswax trail echoing the golden decorations of Opéra Garnier in Paris, or again Oulan Bator, a dry savage leather inspired by the mongolian capital and maybe to its legendary warriors. To celebrate this Christmas instead I got tempted by the mood of Hoëdic, inspired by the so called island in Britain. First of all as you light it you can perceive immediately the top quality wax and wick burning slowly, without smoke, gently melting the wax omogeneously till it liquifies completely at the surface. Then the fragrance diffuses in the room letting you feel its presence but never being overpowering. Last but not least pro it has a very interesting price for a 260g top quality candle with such a return.

Hoëdic conquered me smelling it unlightened for the cool pitch of star anise that immediately made me think of Xmas due to the beautiful star shape of its seeds. Once lightened the fragrance shows far more than this speaking about sandy places where aromatic, almost floral herbs like basil, caraway and galbanum grow with their light foliage. The sharp freshness of anise is then echoed and made rounder by the sweet fennel, crisp and fruity at the same time that intruduces to smell and taste the edible sensation of liquorice. No licorice wheels or gummy candies though, but the pure and simple aroma of the root that has been so appreciated at home maybe because of the memories of times when even a small piece of liquorice root to bite under the xmas tree was like happiness. The precious christmas touch is given by myrrh with its liquorous and balsamic veil, solemn and enveloping at once.
Also the packaging is simply chic, made of thick rough paper with written the initials A.V. together with the name of the candle and a brief description of the mood and the notes. As for the white pottery that has made the success of the brand, also the glass housing the candles follows the same imperfect charm with a boullé artisanal glass featuring the characteristic imperfections making the flame even more ipnotic as it morphs into undefined glares making a scented dance that became wait, light and poetry in my Christmas night.

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