9 maggio 2012

Campomarzio 70: the preview of a true mistery

"Dreaming my new fragrance" Vero Kern
Since longtime there are many rumors about Vero Kern's new creation and all her admirers are looking forward to it. I admire her since the first time we so I was so curious checking from time to time her facebook wall to see whether she posted inspirations, pics (here are some) and music sharingh this way small pieces of the puzzle, almost like if she would leak out of her lab some scented molecules here and there. Since tomorrow Vero in collaboration with Campomarzio 70 decided to share the last lacking hints: fifty lucky people will have the chance to win a preview sample of the new fragrance.

Gardens of Villa d'Este in Tivoli
The strenght of Vero's creations is all about her way to conceive a creation. Smelling Kiki, Rubj or Onda one can immediately understand how good is Vero at patiently tailoring each raw material to fit at best the imaginary form of her inspiration just like a great tailor.
About the new creation almost no details have been disclosed except it will be inspired by the gardens at Villa d'Este in Tivoli, a striking place that bewitched Vero with its trees, its singing fountains and the magic of light and baroque architecture. The name and the olfactory notes of the fragrance are still a mystery by now.
Do you want to know how can you get one of the fifty available samples?
That's simple! Follow the Campomarzio 70 Facebook page and join the contest.
Among winners who will drop a review about the fragrance, later Vero will chose the most inspirin ones that will be shared on her fanpage. Good luck!

Mystery flacon

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