25 agosto 2017

Fragranze 15: see you soon!

After the dog days and with August blues at best, some try to leverage on the energy gained during the holidays to start a new work year. Downtown the tube is populated with tanned faces and smells trying to extend the illusion of sunny beaches. Before temperature falls down though, there will be still time for some weekend off and for a perfumista Pitti Fragranze is on the to do list of course, scheduled on September 8-10, to discover what's new to spray on from here to the next summer.

Fabrice Leclerc
The fifteenth edition brings to Florence various well established events. First of all on Friday 8 at 11.00 am RAW, the Pitti Fragranze format focusing on the most important raw materials in perfumery: Mane Italia fine fragrances division director Michaela Giamberti will speak about Exotic Spices, essences that are at the core of many creations in perfumery. Later in the afternoon a round table led by the expert Fabrice Leclerc will focus on a hot topic right now, Ethics and sustainability in perfumery. Save also the date for the off-Pitti event with Olfattorio Inflorescent - Respect for nature at Polimoda. Here's the full agenda.

with Sarah McCartney at Fragranze 14
Speaking about news we won't be disappointed by interesting launches as the ones which I had a succulent preview by Antonio Alessandria and Gabriella Chieffo and the debut of Francesca Bianchi to the show. Welcome back to Italy also to the most chic florist in Sidney Saskia Havekes and her brand Grandiflora launching an interesting Boronia, and to the amazing 4160 Thuesday founder Sarah McCartney introducing the new line Our Modern Lives. Another debut at Pitti on my list is fellow American blogger and vintage collector Barbara Herman's Eris Parfums.

I'll be there dispatching first impressions on the most exciting things live through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, of course followed by the detailed Scent Diary here. I hope we can meet for some chitchat and maybe have the chance to sniff beautiful creations together! See you soon!

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