4 marzo 2015

Esxence 2015: let's tune the noses!

Music and perfumes, synaesthetic vibrations for the soul that aroused the interest of many since the ancient times, passing by Piesse and Turin. The most famous connection between olfactory and musical accords though is Arpège, even if Jeanne Lanvin will play more than once with musical references like Crescendo and Ou Fleurit l'Oranger (inspired by the A.Thomas opera Mignon) in rotation with sublime temptations like My Sin and Scandal.
Seven notes and seven olfactory families for the seventh edition of Esxence putting on stage an orchestra of smelly temptations among which we'll find the new launches of 2015. There are many scheduled events starting with the Institute of Art and Olfaction conference about the criteria used in fragrance awards. Right after I'll lead you through a focus on the Modern Age of Italian Perfumery. Of course the Osmothèque Versailles booth will be there giving you the chance to smell long lost masterpieces. They will also hold a lecture dedicated to bitter orange. On Friday 27 don't miss also the musical-olfactory lab with the pianist, composer and fragrance creator Laurent Assoulen and much more. Everyday I'll be nosing around for the live streaming of  Esxence TV, so I look forward to seeing you. Let's tune the noses!

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