8 gennaio 2016

Adjiumi Awards 2015

2015 has just ended with foreign webzines going wild for top tens about best and worst. In Italy the most coveted recognition certainly is represented by the Adjiumi Awards that the many perfume lovers of the Adjiumi Forum assign since 2014. Like a jack in the box, today the founder Cristian Cavagna has anticipatedly unveiled the winners of the various categories and the special awards resulting from the mentions that The Boss as adjiumians nicknamed him with love, has collected during the last months together with the moninations.
Big thanks go to Cristian and all the participants for voting La Gardenia nell'Occhiello as best blog of 2015. Since five years it keeps me busy at night (and sometimes also during the weekends) and has grown also on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so I'm very grateful for this recognition. Moreover if you are in nomination blissful among women like Marika Vecchiattini of Bergamotto e Benzoino, Marina Donato of BeautyMarinaDElena Porcelli of Eau de Purcel, Claudia Umeton of Parfums et Beauté Sur Les Pointes and Grace of The Beauty Cove, the honour is even greater!

Further satisfaction was discovering as best Italian niche fragrance Rubini Fundamental, a project I deeply endorsed that allowed me to address a unique research path.
Finally my congratulations go to all the winners in all the categories which I mostly know and esteem since longtime. The only missing one is the english indie perfumer Liz Moores with her Papillon Artisanal Perfumes which now I have one more reason discover as soon as possible.
Thank you very much!

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