13 marzo 2011

Campomarzio 70: Roma capvt mvndi of the perfume

In the shy sun of friday afternoon Campomarzio 70 opened with great style and euphoria the new space in via Vittoria, close to piazza di Spagna. As explained later by Mr. Di Liello, via Vittoria aims to be above all a place where the perfume is put at the center to speak to us again and be a cultural experience to smell even before to buy, where held events, conferences and tastings about perfume and olfactory, also coupled with other sensorial experiences like taste for example. The long list of the future events to be held in this place, started yesterday with Maria Grazia Fornasier from  Mouillettes&Co that did a lesson about "Fragrances and  personality".

The space, furnished with the great elegance of contrasting chiaroscuro and simple lines, is framed by satin-metal details to give maximum light to the fregrances, shown in roomy shelves where every line finds the right location to express also aesthetically its best.
Di Liello family has been glad to guest Nyclas Lydeen/Agonist, Christophe Cervasel/Atelier Cologne, Kilian Hennessy/By Kilian, Emilie Bouge/Brecourt, Julien Provoust/Cire Trudon, Olivier Durbano, Tammy Frazer/Frazer Perfumes, Simon Brooke/Grossmith, Francis Kurkdjian/Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Claude Marchal/MDCI, Clara Molloy/Memo, Mona di Orio, Alessandro Gualtieri/Nasomatto, Jan Ewoud Vos/Puredistance, Andy Tauer/Tauer Perfumes, Vero Kern/vero.profumo, Sergio Momo/Xerjoff, Yosh Han/Yosh, all represented with their lines at Campomarzio 70. I had also the chance to speak with many of them to discover curious details and old and new creations of their lines that I will tell you very soon. Some anticiparions? The new shining "Collectible" by Andy Tauer and the secont part of "Les Nombres d'Or" by Mona di Orio and again some other surprises.

Finally it's been also the occasion to have a glass of champagne enjoying the company of many friends like the precious Lady in Black with her support, Francesca Faruolo of the bolognese Smell Felstival, Massimo Nobile of Nobile 1942, Maria Grazia Fornasier of Mouillettes&Co. and the dear Marika Vecchiattini of Bergamotto e Benzoino.

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Bettina ha detto...

It sure sounds like a very interesting event. I envy you:)
Would you like to share your impression of the Frazer perfumes with your readers? I am so curious about them. Thanks:)

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