17 agosto 2012

Waiting for Fragranze 10: Scent Diary

I almost regret Milan being desert lately these days without the chance to be close enough to somebody to play the "guess what is he/she wearing" game in the morning while going to work. With this melted and still urban landscape it's hard to realize that September is approaching and there's just one month left before the tenth edition of Pitti Fragranze.
September happens to be a month of celebrations not only because of Fragranze, but also because of my blog's birthday and this year there are two candles on the cake and I'm pretty happy because I already had some amazing gifts. The first, the most precious it's you reading my articles and posting comments. Thank you for giving me stimulating feedbacks that keep me going on with my olfactory journey. Another beautiful gift I got this year has just arrived from the Fragranze Staff that asked me to collaborate to a new challenging format: the Scent Diary.

Day by day in fact I will post in the Pitti Immagine site dedicated to Fragranze 10 a journal with notes and pictures taken directly from the booths. This way I'll try to let you discover the most exciting offers from new but also classic perfumery brands for both fine fragrances and home fragrances. Mea culpa, usually I don't pay much attention to cosmetics, accessories and jewelry so this time I promise I'll give attention to these sections too as they've become integral part of the showcase and also something every high-end salespoint cannot give up with.

Looking at the program of events and the list of brands I already made a long "must see" list for this double-digit edition I hope will double the satisfaction. Main dish of this menu will see back to Florence Chandler Burr who will host for journalists and experts one of his interactive scented dinners strictly on invitation. He will also do the lecture open to everybody “The Art of Jean-Claude Ellena, a Retrospective: 1974-2012” and will present in collaboration with IFF an installation conceived as a big olfactory world map featuring the most relevant raw materials coming from the five continents. Moreover I'm sure Chandler, who I had the chance to talk and that speaks our language since more than twenty years, will certainly pay hommage to our country with his excellent italian.
International Flavours&Fragrances itself will take stock of the scenarios of olfactory culture with an observatory you absolutely cannot miss of you want to stay up to date with the future trends. Last but not least there will be all the new launches of the year, including the ones I already discussed here like Neela Vermeire fragrances, Maria Candida Gentile extraits, L'Artisan Parfumeur Séville à l'aube or again A Lab on Fire and many others.

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