26 settembre 2012

Scent Diary: day #2

Interesting and very masculine Interlude man leaves on skin the aura of myhrr and burnt woods. The fragrance starts with contrasting spicy-vegetal notes and the stinging blow of pimento, then it gets smoother and quiet like a moment of silence after the chaos of the day.

After digging for family roots, Grossmith London puts the bases for a scintillating future. You have the confirmation while smelling this chypre that joins heritage and modernity. Dry and sparkling like a glass of champaign, the zesty bitter opening of Golden Chypre lands flawlessly on an utterly elegant chypre base.

Blood Concept
The clinical, glossy and futuristic packaging perfectly reflects +MA with its notes inspired by the colour white. The stimulating contrast between varnished topnotes and cold spices melts into a milky softness redolent of the purest of the body fluids.

The elegance of Houbigant heritage becomes contemporary. Orangers en Fleur starts from the classic orange blossom theme to develop a perfectly balanced white floral simphony empowered by a woody-ambery base. The pure parfum is absolutely a must try on skin.

Energetic and juicy, I'm glad Rigaud decided to relaunch Tournesol with its warm aromatic notes of sun flower and sandalwood joining the slightly acid cheekiness of redcurrant. A real antidepressant for the fall days.

Nico Uytterhaegen
Born from the belgian designer Nico Uytterhaegen's fetish imagery which leit motiv is leather, Unisekt Vyyr opens with a gigantic psychedelic strawberry morphing on skin to an enveloping  and comfortable resinous vetiver base. So fluorescent and surreal to the point of being simply amazing.

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Bettina ha detto...

Ah, the new Houbigant sounds tempting. I hope I will be able to try it soon. I really prefer Interlude Man over Interlude Woman. Man is a great fragrance, very Amouage like, long lasting and a very nice composition
I find it very wearable for women.

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