13 settembre 2012

Scent Diary: preview v2.0

Here we go! Are you looking to discover together other new launches from Pitti Fragranze? And if the more you know the more you want to sniff, here's for you the second part of the preview of what we're going to smell in a while

A Lab on Fire
Improbable and intriguing, even if they sound almost like a sharade L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A  and What we do in Paris is secret are just the names of two of the fragrances of this brand that stakes on creative perfumers like Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Carlos Benaïm. Convenient also for the price, the funny minima 15ml facons are available for the whole line including the latest creation Sweet Dreams 2003 coming from Thierry Wasser who was inspired by a happy moment brought back to memory by the mediterranean breeze loaded with the smell of orange blossoms.

Aedes de Venustas
As a reflection of the opulent newyorkese boutique-boudoir founded in 1995 by Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner, Aedes de Venustas bottle is topped by a somptuous golden cap with the logo engraved. The purple glass hides inside a futuristic chypre starring a freshly picked, crisp and bitter rubharb ready to seduce with its sauciness. Its groundbreaking architecture starts with astringent hints of grapefruit fading into a dry, smooth patchouly tailored by Bertrand Duchaufour like an elegant contemporary suit.

With Peoneve Olivier Cresp pays hommage to the british love for gardens building an eau de parfum where peony is decomposed like in a botanic table to be exposed with all its facets. A dewy modern freshness is in there and also the rosy and romantic aura of petals hiding an unexpected and irresistible sensuousness. There's the sappy and slightly medicinal touch of the pistils and even the shade of humid soil glorifying peony's delicacy. It's more than a simple soliflore, it's the impression of a morning walk through the royal flowerbeds of the Kew Gardens in June.

The Laundress
Not just for the indomitable fashionistas who want to take care of their wardrobe made of unique pieces, printed silks and pure cachemire knitwear but also for everybody who want to spoil their garnments with natural detergent bases scented only with essential oils preserving the environment and the most delicate fibers. Laundry becomes art and science thanks to real treatments like the Wool&Cashmere Shampoo, a luxury to regenerate and cuddle your favourite sweaters. The Laundress lauches at Fragranze also the new Wool&Cashmere Spray that nourish and protects cloths thanks to keratin and a natural anti-moth product: cedarwood essence.

Clary sage, together with green and sharp notes of calamus and galbanum play a contrast with the milky softness of green almonds, vanilla and iris: here it is Candour, Humiecki&Graef's new fragrance ispired by affinity, that connection between two souls that just have just fondled themselves. Nice also the presentation Tobias Müksch and Sebastian Fischenich have chosen to give this idea of a caress that the two Christophes (Hornetz and Laudamiel) perfectly translated in a herbal and vibrating aroma, emotional and unusual.

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