12 settembre 2012

Scent Diary: preview v1.0

Since a few days you can find online on Pitti Immagine website a preview of my Scent Diary with the first news you will find wandering around the booths at Fragranze 10. As people of Fragranze staff pointed out, to them all the exibitors are equally beautiful and so equally worth, that's why it can be interesting to read someone else's point of view about them. In fact the most challenging thing about this collaboration is having carte blanche in chosing what to talk about, just right like what I use to do here since ever following my nose. Here we go with the preview and some related posts.
Looking forward to seeing you in Florence!

Neela Vermeire Creations
Neela Vermeire celebrates the first birthday of the brand landing to Fragranze with the perfumes inspired by her country, India. Three historical periods, three olfactory moods for a passionate and a creative who has been able to still her interior energy into them. Trayee (Vedic India) woody, spicy and balsamic, Mohur (the Moghul period) a romantic and voluptuous chypre and Bombay Bling (contemporary India) a juicy and florar firework are very interesting because of the unconventional way they portray this mystical land as seen through the eyes of a native-born thanks also to the mastery of a perfumer who loves India: Bertrand Duchaufour.
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Claus Porto
Tango, Deco e Voga are just few of the evocatory names of soaps Claus Porto produces following his agelong tradition since 1887 and you will find them for the first time at Fragranze. Portuguese artisanal manufacturing and formulas enriched with precious oils make it a simple everyday's luxury care. From the most classic like verbena or lavender to the trendiest, fragrances plus a hand wrapped retro packaging are a pleasure for both sight and nose. A temptation you can't resist: No. 8741, with notes of pear and sandalwood.
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Vero Profumo
Iconic style and beat soul, the swiss perfumer Vero Kern is back at Pitti with a new creation inspired by the gardens of Villa d’Este in Tivoli that “brought me back to childhood when all is unconscious and unique” she reveals exclusively to La Gardenia nell’Occhiello and Scent Diary. Green and white are the colours representing Mito that celebrates five years of Vero Profumo with a surreal fresco of a walk through blooming magnolias, losing themselves between grottos populated by fairy beasts and fountains with shining sprinklings. Joining classic perfumery to her contemporary touch, this eagerly awaited tribute to Italy (where Vero confesses she feels like home) won't leave you cold.

Mona di Orio
It's almost a must-have for the trademark chiaroscuro of Mona di Orio creations. The wide range of sensations typical of her first compositions meets with Rose Etoile d’Hollande the disruptive sharpness of the Les Nombres d’Or reaching a balance that Mona carefully tuned for years while studying this beautiful variety of rose, the most cherished one by her master Edmond Roudnitska. The fragrance opens with a load of crisp, airy and slightly fruity petals that gets velvety as it warms up on the skin, letting out the unmistakable olfactory signature of this talented perfumer.

L'Artisan Parfumeur
What happens when an irreverent writer confides her journey memories to an exceptional perfumer? Here it goes that the two travellers, the muse and the artist, Denyse Beaulieu and Bertrand Duchaufour decide to write their olfactory story together. And who best than a forerunner of the parfum-voyage like L’Artisan Parfumeur could still the charm of a passionate night in Seville during the Holy Week surrounded by blooming orange trees? Bright and heady, it will certainly win orange blossom lovers but also who looks for unexpected seductions thanks to the languorous base surprisingly pushing Séville à l’Aube far beyond the sinple soliflore.

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