24 settembre 2012

Scent Diary: day #1

Olivier Durbano
The sunlight warming the cold stone: Heliotrope, an essence and a precious stone sharing the same name. Olivier Durbano playing with this coincidence of names, launches this fragrance where his beloved incense is heated by a light floral softness, with a bit of mystery, like the dark green of his pièrre-poème.

Hot like the underground atmosphere of a refined jazz club, the new Frapin scent Speakeasy develops on skin a soft ambery tobacco with almondy tones. The woody-aromatic touch of the base makes it sharper and enjoyable also on the masculine skin.
Fueguia 1833 Patagonia
Argentine pride burns in Guayacan, a candle made with 100% soy wax. How beautiful it's the woody-aromatic accord based on guaiacwood, in spanish “palo santo”, holy wood. Solid and stylish, the packaging features the glass and the raw wood lid that can be put also under the candle while it burns. Excellent price-quality ratio too.
The fragrance inspired by Los Angeles reflects all the modern glam of the movie mecca. Distinctive note of Plastic is the plastic and ipnotic smell of celluloid that mixes with a resinous accord and an exotic floral touch.
Lighter and more thoughtless than the dense classic Xerjioff collection, the new line Join The Club is dedicated to the most chic hobbies like jazz music or riding. Right to Ascot it's dedicated one of the most euphoric fragrances: Ascot Moon that mixes galbanum to an elegant vegetal accord.

Artisan Parfumeur
Almost a fairytale, the packaging of the L’Artisan Parfumeur new candles line is dedicated to Grasse, toyland of perfumery. And together with the toys there's also the fall smell of woods and hazelnuts cream in L’Automne, to cuddle themselves as the cold days come.

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