13 marzo 2013

Arpeggi d'Aromi:
with the noses in Wonderland

"There is a place, like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say, to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which, luckily, I am" Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

Wonder comes from the unexpected, from something that changes the perception of reality. A fairy tale is an enchanted reality and the last sunday Campomarzio70 has turned its birthday into a spellbound day. Protagonists of it were the noses and their creations that make us experience everyday a little bit of wonder with their creations. Could this Wonderland exist without a mad hatter?
This mad, mad hatter with a Gardenia nell'Occhiello (buttonhole gardenia) and a panama on his heat, has invented for Yosh, Clara Molloy (Memo Paris), Jeroen Oude Sogtoen (Mona di Orio), Julian Bedel (Fueguia 1833), Simon and Amanda Brooke (Grossmith), Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Vero Kern and all the other friends a special tale.

Fulvio Massa (B), Silvia Felisetti (S) and Davide Burani (arpa)
The story begins with a precious box in the hatter hands: ten love letters written by a soubrette of the operetta lived between the belle époque and the crazy years. Now the paper yellowed by age has a stale smell but then the letters of a Diva surely were shipped drenched in Coty. And nowadays how would them be scented? The hatter grabs a flacon, sprays the first letter with a fragrance and as by magic that handwritten words are brought to life there, in the golden vessel of the Valentino at Hotel Valadier. The speak about the fragrance splendour reflecting that world and the passions of that time, followed by the most famous musics of operettas that gave fame to the soubrette.
Here it echoes "Oh suol divin" from The flower of Hawaii by Abraham while floats in the air Yosh's Ginger Ciao with the exotic notes of coconut, juicy pear and tropical flowers caressed by the breeze to symbolize the thoughtlessness of the naked body and the new vogue for suntan in the twenties. Or again the notes of "Tangolita" from Ball at the Savoy sing of a red passionate flower and the smell of a beautiful sensual woman you cannot forget: it's Vero Kern's Rubj, troubling, angelic yet irresistible, candid with orange blossom yet ipnotic with tuberose.

Once back in via Vittoria, cast off the funny clothes of the mad hatter, I had the chance to spend some time with the creators I know like Andy Tauer, Alessandro Gualtieri (Nasomatto) and others and sniff some upcoming scent that I will tell you about soon. I also took the chance to meet others like the very kind Tanja Bochnig nose behind the natural line April Aromatics and again I had the chance to meet some of the members of Adjiumi's forum.
The mad hatter preferred tea, but for this occasion I indulged myself with champagne once more for a toast to creativity, to the arts that make us wonder and to Campomarzio 70. Happy Noseday!

with Tanja Bochnig and Yosh Han
Photo credits:
Arpeggi d'Aromi: Tanja Bochnig
Other pictures: Marco d'Elia

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