25 marzo 2014

Esxence 2014: stars rain (1)

The sixth edition of Esxence - The scent of excellence featured many news and some confirmations. First confirmation is the milanese perfume week has become an institution able to make is sillage float all around downtown, from Esxence to the off events like Campomarzio70's Essential Days and Intertrade's Unscent, a commercial and cultural buzz calling people in the industry, press and perfumistas from all over the world. The second confirmation that gave me the chance to meet interesting people is there are more and more visitors coming from emerging areas of East Europe and Middle East, also tributed in lectures and presentations.

The news are first of all te new Esxence location, the Triennale that for the occasion changed from Museum of design to perfumed exibition, cultural center and even gambling den swinging to the music of charleston. Totally approved the new setting spotting everything on a single floor, less distracting to visit even if a bit more of air conditioning and light wouldn't have done any harm.

During the olfactory path I could guess the current trends and I also discovered some beauties. Green notes are still very popular, from freshly cut grass to foliage to the smells stolen right from the yard. Summer still seems so far, but I got a sunny trend for citrus structured colognes: some C vitamin is the perfect remedy to sweep away the last colds after all. There's also crave for faceted, elegant retrò fragrances inspired by the era across the two world wars, but also for the timeless charm of orientals coming from far away exotic places. Finally rose, the queen of flowers is back to the power and probably she never left. My personal walk of fame starts from the stars that made it shine, all tinged in pink of course: Rose Cut by Ann Gerard, Vero Kern's Rozy and Mohur extrait by Neela Vermeire.

To be continued...

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