18 dicembre 2014

Santa Claus & Miss G

Dear Santa... How many times as a child did you happen to write down these words followed by your desires and by your brightest feelings about how nice have you been? Even if I'm pretty grown up, I still try nowadays this kind of letters sometimes. Even if these days the forage for the raindeers has become more and more expensive and Santa Claus hardly finds his road. Nevertheless it's good to believe everything can happen, so I try to drop him a few lines.

Dear Santa, this year I've been spoiled by many unexpected gifts so I don't dare asking for more for myself. One of the things I cherish most is the mail exchange I had with Miss G, an american lady who wrote me full of hopes after reading my review of an old spanish perfume: Tabu by Dana. Guess what? Miss G has used for more than forty years that "perfume de puta" Jean Carles created in 1931 and since at a certain point it was widely available in US for a few bucks, she got in a huge stock of it. At most, I've been loyal to a perfume for a year, so I can't think of how does it feel after a forty years loyalty to be betrayed this way. Suddenly I figured out how that powerful outspoken orange blossom cound have not only drenched the memories of Miss G poisoning her soul like an ephemeral obsession, but also moulded her moves with loads of patchouli, amber, grace and self confidence.

Poor Miss G! Perfume is liquid memory and there's nothing worst for a perfume addicted to see the end of his stocks and discover the smelly that's been with him for a whole life today has completely changed its face. Surrending to chance while hunting for the last bottles, no matter if spray or splash, can be really frustrating specially for fragrances like Tabu which survived a world war and various reformulations.

"I don't even know who you are but I guess you really can feel my frustration to write me back. I'm so desperate. Almost ten years ago, when it became harder to find Tabu, my backup fragrance has always been Shalimar. You can't duplicate Shalimar either, I certainly hope not! Now I ordered this last bottle of Tabu hoping this is the real thing. True Tabu fragrance does not diminish no matter how long it's been on a shelf. After so many years using Tabu it's still going to be very difficult to make the transition from it. Shalimar costs a small fortune while Tabu could be found in your local drugstore at attainable price for a scent created about seventy years ago" replies me Miss G.

Santa, maybe you know Miss G, how old she is or at least which corner of the american provinces she comes from. I don't, but I understand her griefs due to a market turning faster and faster with rules that recklessly put together the olfactory shape with a night cream. I try to suggest her some option hoping to lift her up a bit with a new juice she could love.

"Hi Ermano, I didn't forget you. I've been yesterday to the Postal Office. I opened the Tabu splash I ordered, sniffed, repacked and sent it back while I was still at the Postal Office. Now I'm convinced I won't find the original Tabu and can stop looking for it. How could something like this happen? It's so sad and depressing. I'm good for a few more Tabu-scented months but I will now begin my search for a substitute because I already know Shalimar is beyond my "retirement" reach. There have been some wonderful scents in my space but I never dared to ask what scent were they wearing. Now I won't hesitate to ask them. Warmly, Miss G"

It would be nice if these words could be listened by companies right before going for a reformulation and even more by IFRA and people in Bruxelles. I can't help but saying to Miss G not to get mad about it, to take her time and have fun smelling new fragrances aroung like playing a game, letting emotions flow.

Tabu will always be in her heart, but since a woman who has no perfume has no future, in the end I'm happy Miss G has good news for me: "I've finally settled on two new scents. In fact I've received public compliments on both scents and it literally brings a smile to my face. If they only knew what I've been through transitioning from Tabu... However I decided to wear them both, I'm making sure I don't get stuck on one fragrance ever again... Unless someone screws with the original scent"

Dear Santa, I'm asking you to bring Miss G many new scented memories and to perfumery more respect and regard for who inhales it making it part of his everyday's life.

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