1 agosto 2016

Smell Festival Estate: are you hot?

Here we are, next weekend starts the first edition of Smell Festival Estate guested by Carovigno di Puglia and, given the illustrious recent tweets from Puglia and the meteo, I can't help but quoting: "Siete pronti? Siete caldi?". "Anchio".
Pity Mrs. Ciccone had to leave because, being a well known perfume lover, I'm sure she'd have enjoyed the full agenda waiting for us at Castello Dentice di Frasso with events, natural beauties in Torre Guaceto and the joys of apulian cuisine.

Aside the Perfume Showcase where we'll find fragrances from brands like Essentia Puglia, Paglieri 1876 and Pumo Pugliese, it'll be interesting to get together with creators into their fragrant world. So don't miss Maria Candida Gentile, Célia Lerouge-Bénard of historical House Molinard, Rosa Vaia of Coquillete Paris and myself speaking about Rubini and its unique creative approach across past and future.
Of course there's also a touch of perfume history (we'll talk about Modern Age of Italian Perfumery) and the chance to put your nose in powders and vials with Beatrice Baccon, Martino Cerizza and Luigi Cristiano, esteemed colleagues of Smell Atelier courses.
Torre Guaceto Natural Researve and its territory will be a major topic in thousand ways, from food and beverage to botanical walks, and even during the OSA - Outsider Scents Award, a stimulating adventure Francesca Faruolo and Smell Festival immediately supported and shared. Thank you again!
Last, you can find the detailed program and information about the local partners on the Smell Festival website. Special thanks also to Pietro Laghezza, assessor for turism at Comune di Carovigno for having patronized with great enthusiasm this event in such a magic place. See you soon!

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