23 maggio 2013

May, time for scented moves (1/2)

Spring, time for scents and removals. It's not me having moved boxes with perfumes and furniture but two of the main artistic perfumery shops downtown owned by big Italian distributors, Calé and Olfattorio. On May 9 I've been to the press launch of their new spaces and I had some fun nosing here and there. In case you haven't had yet the chance to visit them, here you have also some pictures I shot.

Taking via Brera, almost halfway between the Scala and the Accademia di Belle Arti, I pass by the windows of some art galleries and get straight to number 5 where a few days before opened Olfattorio. The space it's twice the old shop and it's divided in two rooms. Longing for a glass of champagne, I move to the first room ruled by the elegance of Penhaligon's. While sniffing and speaking of Peoneve together with two nice piemontese perfume shop owners, a stylish and easygoing british girl with a platinum blond bob gets to know me. Only later I would have discovered she's actually Penhaligon's and L'Artisan Parfumeur CEO Sarah Rotheram. "It's the forth shop in the world decorated this way and we're going to have four more soon" she sais.
I have a look to all the details of the decoration designed by Christopher Jenner as Sarah explains me every reference to the iconic Penhaligon's bottle. The octagonal matelassé purple leather on the walls stopped by golden brass knobs echoing the caps balls, a table with chairs in white and purple shaped like the bows on the collars, ivory and gray custom-made wallpaper based on the packagings but the most chic detail are the flacon-shaped ceiling-lamps hanging from the elegant neotudor ceiling. As Sarah gives me a blotter dipped in Juniper Sling, I tell her how I used it for the perfume tasting Verres et Flacons. Amused look and fire red lips, when I finally tell her I'm a blogger she admits bloggers are an important feedback for their creations and she'd really like to keep them more in the loop.

Moving to the other room everything's painted in white and gold not to clash with the british opulence. L'Artisan Parfumeur stands out in luminous futurist frames, while The Different Company, Miller Harris and many other brand are arranged on white shelves. A closed door downstairs where how takes place the makeup area gets my curiosity so I tease the nice Luly to know what's the surprise hidden there. She ends up disclosing the great news in the future they will also arrange a small space for events and workshops and since training is always welcome, let's keep fingers crossed!

Here it's Part 2. Don't miss it!

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