27 maggio 2013

May, time for scented moves (2/2)

Since it's a beautiful day, I leave Brera and in a 15 minutes-walk I'm in Corso Magenta 22, in one of the most magical places one can see in Milan. Not too far nn my left there are Palazzo Litta's imposing baroque telamons while in front of me I enjoy the white simplicity of San Maurizio, considered as the Middle Ages Cappella Sistina for its wonderful frescos. If you've ever been there, it's worth visiting it after visiting Pérfume. The accent is still the same by Calé, but the exposition space designed by Domenico Farinaro in collaboration with La Fabbrica dei Segni is brand new and is edged by the zigzag line of the wooden shelves along the walls. Surfaces in neutral gray and brown make the flacons pop up thanks to the white interiors lightened by soft colour shades. Here we have a fine show of Floris and Rigaud classic style as well as well as Humiecki&Graef total neatness but also the last arrival in the house that Levi will distribute in Italy, Majda Bekkali's Sculptures Olfactives.

Passing by the buffer for an amuse bouche I'm pleased to notice they kept a book corner in the inner part of the shop: Ellena's Le journal d'un parfumeur, The official perfumes classification pubblished by Osmothèque Versailles and many other books on sale make me smile as if I'd see some old friends. It would be so nice if more and more shop owners understood that you can also read olfactory culture, not only breath it. Talking with Chiara Foroni of Calé staff as we reach the pretty inner courtyard, I take the chance to tell her about the nice olfactory lectures Calé used to give at the first floor in their old headquarter. "There wasn't room enough to make out a real conference room but we care about our lectures and we'll find for sure a way to arrange them here too" she smiles reassuring me.
How could lack a section dedicated to grooming that's a strength point within Calé's offer since decades? Even me that's no inclination for grooming, I stand charmed in front of the refined old school grooming sets and soaps.

Last but not least, knowing my passion for vintages Silvio Levi nicely challenged me to check his collection of precious bottles and objects displayed in the bottom of the shop. Looking the old Floris Bottles reminds me of White Rose and suddenly Admiral Nelson and Liane de Pougy start dancing weirdly together in my head. This puts a smile on my face. Let's hope one day Calé will gift us with a perfume tasting of these treasures to delight our noses after having pleased our eyes.

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