30 luglio 2014

The Osmothèque opens its doors - Save the date!

Grab your mobile or, in case you're a vintage junkie grab your agenda and save the date: Saturday, September 20th 2014. Where: Osmothèque Versailles.  Are you wondering what's up?
During the European Heritage Days 2014, the Osmothèque Versailles opens its doors and its perfume collection. On September 20th from 10.00 to 17.30 it will be possible to visit it for free, meeting the extraordinary passionate perfumers that keep it alive and attend to a serie of lectures that will make you experience an onfactory journey through times discovering this invisible yet absolutely unique heritage made of olfactory treasures mosty disappeared.

The guided discovery tour in the perfume history is composed of five lectures:
  • The Pionieers of Modern Perfumery: The Belle Epoque
    Presented Perfumes: Fougère Royale (1884) HOUBIGANT, Jicky (1889) GUERLAIN, La Rose Jacqueminot (1904) COTY...
  • The First Couturiers Parfumeurs: Les Années FollesPresented Perfumes: Le Fruit Défendu (1914) POIRET, N°5 (1921) CHANEL, Joy (1935) PATOU...
  • The Entrepreneurial Perfumery or the new ready to wear of perfume: The Postwar period
    Presented Perfumes: Femme (1944) ROCHAS, Vent Vert (1945) BALMAIN, Iris Gris (1947) FATH...
  • The Perfumery of Marketing: Since 1970s
  • Presented Perfumes: Givenchy III (1970) GIVENCHY, Aromatics Elixir (1971) CLINIQUE, Charlie (1973) REVLON...
  • The Niche Perfumery: Since 1990s
  • Presented Perfumes: Mûre et Musc (1978) l’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR, Féminité du Bois (1992) SERGE LUTENS, Patchouli Intense (2009) NICOLAÏ.
Moreover there will be a raw materials discovery room where you will be able to smell natural essential oils, concretes and absolutes together with some of the most used synthetic molecules too. Small groups will be allowed to visit the Osmothèque "cave" and to meet some perfumers as part of a 2 hours tour.
In case all of this doesn't tease you enough, please rementer the Ville Lumière is simply amazing in autumn. Haven't you already booked your flight to Paris?

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