3 ottobre 2012

Scent Diary: day #3

Naomi Goodsir
Australian born hats designer cuddled by the greatest brands of Haute Couture, Naomi Goodsir presents at Fragranze two perfumes ispired by her eclectic and neo-victorian style. Bois d’Ascèse choses the hieratic stamp of labdanum closing in on woods, olibanum and spices. Surprisingly sacred and sacrilegious.

A sweet soul but with a twist: Anima Dulcis created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier for Carlos Huber surprises with a gourmand harmony full of contrasts. Dry and aromatic on top, it melts on skin with a roasted creaminess. Irresistible even on the male skin.

Maria Candida Gentile
Green, airy and ipnotic at first, creamy and sensual later, this juice is full of shades just like the voice of Billy Holiday to which it is inspired. Just wearing it, Lady Day parfum reveals the mellow and erotic veil of a leathery whiff.

Torre of Tuscany
Authentic and masculin, it joins discrete elegance to a magnetic allure. Berkana eau de parfum develops an erbaceous and aromatic hay accord with the sensual touch of resins and woods giving it lasting power and depth.

Histoires d’Eaux
The game of seduction, Et Maintenent… a song whispered with the hoarse voice of a very refined modern woody scent, dominated by vetiver joined by the unexpected caress of coconut that reinvents the charm of the rascal you could go mad for.

Marseille and Saigon, far yet connected. Likewise iris and tobacco, feminine and masculine, join each other on skin to create a glamorous olfactory journey exploring spices and colonial atmospheres. Volutes is a very elegant fragrance that's worth trying in eau de parfum to understand its richness.

Parfumerie Générale
I hate lavender, no wait, I like it! Here's the good occasion for you to change your mind: Pierre Guillaume stretches the concept of fougère to a new shape. In Djhenné three kinds of lavender, fresh, herbal and balsamic open the way through a landscape made of fine sand dunes smooth like silk on skin.

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