19 settembre 2014

Fragranze 12: Scent Diary #1

Nobile 1942
Challenging of spices as adrenaline in the arena and intoxicating as the victory cup, bitter as leather and warm like the wooden sword bearing its name. Rudis, the new fragrance created by Antonio Alessandria for Nobile 1942, takes inspiration from past and present gladiators ready to fight for freedom. "Rudis also marks a new line aiming to favour more and more italian creativity and craftsmanship" tells me Stefania Nobile. Also the solid and refined packaging hand-made by florentine leather craftsmen underlines this new collection.

Masque Milano
Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi, alias Masque Milano bring to Florence a souvenir from a trip to Saint Petersburg. Created by Julien Rasquinet, Russian Tea juxtupposes the balsamic liveliness of mint and black pepper to a tea spoon of raspberry jam, a sweet pairing to smoked steaming-hot tea from an opulent samovar. The bright magnolia rendering an even too tad detergent heart surely will charm the nostalgics for the '90 green tea perfumes wave.

Perris Montecarlo
Always looking for unusual raw materials, some time ago I had a crush on a Robertet ylang ylang essence they extract from their fields at Nosy Be, an island in Madagascar that natives also call "scented island". Green and spicy, it lacks the typical animalic and overriped headiness. Charmed by its brightness too, Gianluca Perris wanted to capture it in Ylang Ylang Nosy Be, a must-sniff for who's looking for a modern, faceted soliflore all made in Italy with a good quality-price ratio.

Laboratorio Olfattivo
Easygoing not always means banal. The second fragrance created by Cécile Zarokian for Laboratorio Olfattivo takes its name from the Urban Dictionary, Patchouliful to translate it according to the spirit of the brand into a carefree, modern fragrance with nice quality and fair price. Energetic cinnamon and cloves light up a civilized patchouli, purged from the camphorous and musty tones till it's become as smooth as a petal. A pinch of iris and amber makes it even more powdery with hints of yeast and cocoa. Decidedly unisex, it will suit above all women who love to feel more than beautiful: Patchouliful!

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